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Social (soh-shuhl) Clothing Co.

Why we do what we do?

In today’s world of follows and likes, travel and food, and money and style, it can be easy to find yourself out of balance in life. The key to finding that balance again is to remember what motivates you and keeping that at the forefront.

Here at The Social Clothing Co., we are motivated by balancing this business between Passion, Profit, and Purpose. WE, that includes YOU, are a community first and foremost. Together we are made up of people who believe that this world can and will be better for everyone. That is our motivation moving forward.

With this in mind, we are happy and proud to use our personal time and some of the proceeds from this business to help improve this world.  “Our Quarterly Focus” will be the primary motivation that will receive concentrated support as we organize events, donate certain proceeds, and partner with all of you to provide support to that focus issue.  In addition to the focus cause, there will also be opportunities to contribute your time and effort. There are so many issues and causes that we can take on – situations such as assisting with opportunities for our local homeless, promoting more animal adoption, helping our local teachers and students with supplies, and so many more. If there is a cause that you have been wanting to support but did not know where to start, let us know. Leave us a message below or email us directly at We can help!


Our first Quarterly Focus will be to provide assistance an opportunities to our local homeless. Homelessness can occur for a variety of reasons. No matter what the reason, everyone deserves help in making their situations better.

Currently, we are collecting donations of coats, blankets, clothing, and other items to personally distribute each month to the homeless living in our streets. Watch our site and our social accounts for distribution dates. Everyone, of all ages, are welcome to join us! Come bring your donations the day of distribution as well.  Some of you have asked about appliances and other large items. We accept those too and have found shelter homes who would benefit from the small and larger appliances. To find out more or ask us questions, join our community list below or email us directly at



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