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Consistency and perseverance are usually underrated when it comes to achieving a goal. Many times we see others reach success and assume that it was easier than it may have been in reality. The amount of strength it takes to push through during darkest times and make headway, is uncanny . It is almost guaranteed that each and every one of us finds ourselves having to decide whether to push through or turn back in some  degree, or another, daily. It takes family, friends, and often support from others, to be where we are today as individuals. The same concept applies with small businesses.


Here, at the Social Clothing Co., our goal is to form a family environment with our supporters. The engagement, support, and gratitude, with and for one another, is what we are striving for. It takes a village to raise a child, as it does to grow a small business. Although we may be a newer face in the industry, let us earn your trust and loyalty  as we collaborate in meaningful causes and share our love of cool couture!


Change only happens when we stick together to make a difference. Ultimately, our goal is to make improvements within local communities in the Los Angeles & Orange County areas (read our mission statement for refined details) through personal interaction with each cause, as well as, a contribution of proceeds from each sale.


Looking forward, let’s take action to reach our goal. The first step is to develop consistency. Consistency builds momentum. Momentum builds success. Success equates to making a difference. As a family let’s make positive change happen, together.

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